Cosmetic Dentistry Type No. 4 – What is Dental Bonding?

What is Dental Bonding?

Cosmetic Dentistry clinicDental bonding is a method of cosmetic dentistry where a dental compound filling is applied on your teeth. It mainly use the same process as applying porcelain coatings but the material used is changed. But what is dental composite? To put it just, its primarily plastic plus fillers and changers that serve to improve the general features of this plastic. As such, there is no one, single formula for dental bonding compound because its composition depends on what is required. For example, if you want dental compound done on your front teeth, the want for a better, more natural color is needed (compared to, say, dental bonding for your molars). As such, the fillers and changers added to the plastic will be those that recover the compound’s color.

The dental bonding process calls for an early discussion with your dentist, followed by a ‘reduction session’ (don’t forget, your teeth must to be reduced a bit because the dental compound required to be added to your teeth). On the same visit, the dental bonding treatment can take place.

Average Cost: $300 to $550 per tooth

Main Pro: reasonable; can be complete in one dental visit.

Main Con: only worthy for minor teeth imperfections.

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